When you select a vehicle model from the list of vehicles offered, each one is a class of vehicle, i.e., economy class, compact class, etc. Within that class, each car company will have different models available on their lot on any given day. When you search, we pull that list of vehicles and prices from their system, with our rates and benefits, and they provide us with an example of a vehicle for each car class. This does not mean that is the exact vehicle you will get. The car company has the right to offer you any vehicle on their lot that is within that car class. If they are sold out of vehicles in that car class, they are obligated to provide you with a vehicle from a higher car class at no additional fee. You do not get to choose that vehicle, it is up to the car company which vehicle they offer you. If you do not like the class or vehicle, and you wish to change, they have the option of charging you an upgrade fee.