Driver’s License

The renter is required to show a valid driver’s license and be the primary driver on contract unless the renter is disabled. An International License is required in addition to your regular license if your license is not legible in English. Always bring your passport as well if you are not a US Citizen.

Debit/Credit Cards

A major credit card or debit card is required for a security deposit on pick up. Prepaid cards are not accepted. Debit cards must have either the MasterCard or Visa logos and may only be used in conjunction with proof of a round trip ticket (Airline or Cruise) within 72 hours of the time of rental. Customers using debit cards to qualify to rent at the beginning of the rental will be subject to a debit card screening. Company debit card must have the renter’s name or signature on the card.

Debit card users need to be age 25 plus with most companies.

Local renters may not qualify to use a debit card.

Debits Cards may not qualify for some vehicles.

Please review the Car Company’s policy on credit and debit cards in the VIEW DETAILS on the search results of our website.