When you view the models from the list of vehicles offered, each one is a class of vehicle, i.e., economy class, compact class, etc. The “Managers Choice” or Wild Card” options are a separate category and can feel like getting a “surprise” at the counter. The car company gets to choose which car class you will receive – it could be anything from the Compact car class right up to a Premium sized vehicle, a minivan, or even a pickup truck. They can offer you anything and you will have to accept it to get that special price. This option only works for those that are very flexible, and don’t mind receiving a very large vehicle when there are only 2 people, or receiving a compact size vehicle when there are 4 or 5 people with luggage. The car company has the right to offer you any vehicle on their lot that is compact or larger. If they offer you a vehicle that won’t work for your party, and you refuse it – they can then charge you an “Upgrade Fee” for the vehicle you choose, and you will then lose your discounted rate, and end up paying more than expected. Only choose this class if you are willing to be very flexible.