Insurance is optional, and is available for purchase at the counter. The rental companies have no minimum requirements. For policy and rate information please refer to the terms & conditions page of the rental company. We suggest you compare to offerings from your current insurance provider and your credit card company.

Do I need additional Insurance?

This is something you have to determine by talking to your car insurance company or your credit card company (some credit cards provide insurance when paying the charges with it). It is recommended that you do have sufficient coverage in case you have an accident or are involved in one.

There are different types of insurances offered at the counter:
Some cover the vehicle (CDW) some cover the people that may be injured (SLI) and some cover options like the cost to the car company if their vehicle can not be rented while it is being repaired (Loss of Use), and things like Flat Tires, towing, lost keys (Roadside Assistance). It is a good idea to educate yourself on all of these and find out what your coverage includes before you get to the counter so you don’t buy something you already have, or think you are already covered for something you may not have included in your own insurance package.