Anyone 25 years or older can rent with no additional charges for age.

20-24 Ages are considered Underage Drivers

The minimum age for a car rental from most of the major national rental companies is 21 years. With Dollar and Thrifty, the minimum age is 20 years. All car rental companies will add a young driver surcharge in addition to the rental charges for all drivers under the age of 25 years. Young Drivers may also be limited to full-size cars or smaller and may be prohibited in the use of debit cards. We do have some special rates for young drivers. Additional benefits are highlighted in red on the booking screen of the website. Reduced 20-24 age young driver fee $10/day normally $25-$35/day. Look for those rates for the best savings. The young driver fee will not show in the total when you book the vehicle. It will be added at the counter – plus tax.

Some car companies may not allow a young driver as a secondary driver, only a primary driver as well. Be sure you have booked properly to get the best option as a young driver. If you need help, please contact us – we are here to help you. If you have already booked your vehicle on our website, you can reply to the booking, and ask if this is the best option for a young driver as well. The DETAILS section of our booking system, as well as the see DETAILS section on the confirmation email we send you, has all of the pertinent information regarding young drivers – please make sure you read this carefully as some companies restrict payment methods as well.