As soon as you get your flights booked, and you know your dates and times of arrival and departure, search and book the appropriate car for your needs.

The cost of a rental car can vary by date, location, and car type. The car companies’ rates can fluctuate and may appear higher or lower closer to your arrival date, depending on how much traffic they are receiving. Some car types may not be fully booked, and they may show a lower rate closer to your travel dates, while other vehicles, such as the popular minivan can show a much higher rate as there may be few to choose from as they sell out fast.

It is always wise to book far in advance and then watch the prices, rebooking if you find a lower rate. If the rates do go up closer to your date, you know you got the best rate by booking early. It is always free to book and cancel with us.

Canceling existing reservations is easy and free. When we send you a confirmation, there is a link right on the email for you to use to cancel if you no longer need the rental. If you need assistance, please contact us by replying to the email confirmation, or phoning us.