We have contracts with some of the car companies that allow free extra drivers. This can be significant savings if you have additional drivers, so watch for this benefit on our website when looking at various car companies. Look for the rates that show free additional drivers. Extra drivers have to be added to rentals at the counter when you arrive to pick up the vehicle (or later during your rental, if that driver does not need to drive right away). All extra drivers must go with the main driver to the counter and sign on to the contract. They must provide their own valid driver’s license at that time.

If you have more than one extra driver, you may want to take a look at the rates that include 2 free extra drivers. If those rates are significantly higher than a rate with a spouse only, or one free extra driver, you will want to calculate the total price by adding the extra driver fees you will have to pay at the counter – that rate may still be lower than one that includes 2 free extra drivers.

When you take a look at the Benefits on our website in the search results, you will see that we have many options available where the spouse is free, or there are free extra drivers of any sort. For the few options that do not have free extra drivers, the cost can be around $13+ per day plus tax for each additional driver.

Additional drivers are added at the counter on pickup. The extra driver(s) must accompany the main driver to the counter and provide their own driver’s license. They have paperwork to fill out at the counter. Some companies charge extra, some don’t. We will always take your extra drivers into account when searching for your lowest rate and will book you at the rate that works out to the lowest total. Life partners are considered to be a spouse on proof of a common address.