It’s hard to believe we waited so long to launch this nationwide website. For more than fifteen years we’ve rented Jeeps to happy, Hawaiian Islands customers. While it’s long overdue, we’re pleased to now offer our car rentals for hire to mainland travelers.

Although you can rent a vehicle from several companies, where else can you find generously discounted SUV rentals in all fifty states? Why yes– here. This is your one-stop shopping destination for all makes and models of SUVs under one roof– or more accurately in today’s world: on one website.

Before we wrap this up, we want to share what we feel are the benefits of renting from

The owners of Discount SUV Rental
  • Our most significant feature is a no-hassle cancellation policy. No payment method is requested, or even available to you when you book your guaranteed rental on this website. Anytime you wish, you are free to cancel with a simple click.  We simply request that you return to us and complete your needed cancellation as a courtesy to other rental customers.
  • A bonus we offer to rental car customers is an ability, available in most locations, to add an additional driver(s) for free.  This alone can save you at least $20.00 per day, per free extra driver.
  • Another advantage we like to add to our “sales pitch” is the opportunity for young drivers (those under 24 years old) to be trusted and treated to special low rates that are rarely found elsewhere in the car rental industry.

We invite you to sit back, browse our SUV rental selection here at, and know we’ve got you covered when it comes to a value-added vehicle rental solution.